Out and About 2 – The Farmers’ Market

This weekend was kind of rough.  Actually much of last week was kind of rough to be honest.  James has been taking very short naps for some reason, which understandably puts him in a less than stellar mood.  He is generally a very happy baby, but he needs his naps.  Don’t we all.

Focusing on the positive though, we did have a lot of fun Sunday morning.  After a very short nap, we took advantage of the extra time in the morning and went to a new to us Farmers’ Market.

His face accurately reflects how he feels about being in the carrier (or contained in any way…).

We used to always go to the downtown Austin farmers’ market before we moved – it was a long walk or short drive away.  I love farmers markets and my husband tolerates them because they make me happy.  Last week at story time, the librarian mentioned that they do story time at the Mueller Farmers’ Market, so we thought we’d check it out.

It was great!  They have many of the same produce / hot food stands as the downtown market, in addition to some other ones.  They also had story time, a little petting zoo, and live children’s music.  I could definitely see us going regularly with little James for years to come.

We didn’t get too much because I just went grocery shopping on Friday, but I did get a GIANT stroopwafel (those little dutch cookies with caramel inside).  The ones I’ve had in the past were maybe the size of a half dollar…this one was maybe the size of my head?  They make them hot and ours had strawberries and nutella inside, in addition to the standard caramel.  It was so good.  I did feel kind of sick after though…that was a lot of sugar on an empty stomach.  Whoops.

James was reaching for it big time.  He knows what’s up.

Did you have a good weekend?  What was the best part?  Eat any cookies the size of your head?

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  1. I love farmers markets! I need to start going regularly this summer. I have so many within such a short distance of me, yet I do not go anywhere near often enough. Sorry to hear James hasn’t been napping well – I hope you get some rest soon! My weekend was great. Best part was the beautiful weather and babysitting my friend’s daughter on Saturday night and going for a long bike ride on Sunday.

    1. Thank you! I love them too, I hadn’t been in a while, but definitely want to start going more often again. Your weekend sounds so fun!

    1. Fun! I didn’t realize that. We’re gonna be in Houstin for Easter this weekend, but we should go sometime soon!

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