Things Making Me Happy

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a great few weeks over here and I just wanted to share a few things that are making me happy lately.

Neighborhood Park

We found a new park close to our neighborhood last week and I am loving it!  It has a paved trail as well as a much longer unpaved trail, a playground with sun shades, baby swings, a splash pad, and a pool.

I took James there last Friday and we had such a good time!

A road runner, off to play tennis!

I often miss our old neighborhood where we could walk to everything, including some really nice trails, but I admit that it was great to be in a nice park without the crowds of where we used to live (right by Zilker).  Because there are fewer people, we also see more animals, like road runners and rabbits.

New Mom Friends

Before having James, none of my friends had babies.  I’m pretty shy and introverted, so wasn’t sure I’d really make any new mom friends.  Thanks to the library though, I’ve met a couple of super nice women with babies almost the same age as James and it is so fun to have people who don’t mind talking endlessly about baby sleep and who can hang out and do baby-friendly things in the middle of a week day.  I feel so lucky to have met them!

Baby Brunch

I made James pancakes last Saturday and it made me so happy 🙂  I used this recipe and it was easy, healthy, delicious, and made a ton so I have a bunch of extras in the freezer.  I spread James’s pancakes with a little coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon.  I think this recipe would be easy to play around with and I’ll probably try a pumpkin or zucchini version soon.

It was fun to make something we could all eat together and to think that this was the first of likely countless times that we’ll enjoy a pancake breakfast together.  Also, I think the leftovers would be a great portable snack for James to bring to the park or something since they hold together well and are not very messy.

Front-facing Carrier

I really try not to buy all the baby things.  We did splurge on a new baby carrier last weekend though and it is making me happy.

James is super independent and wants to be moving around ALL the time.  I love this about him, but it can make it harder to take him places.  We have this Ergo and K’tan, but he’s never loved them and his disdain for them has grown now that he’s more and more mobile.  However, when we tried him in the K’tan facing forward, he got so happy!

Sadly, our Ergo did not allow baby to face forward and I really prefer the more structured carriers, especially now that James is getting heavier.  My friend Laura recommended the Ergo 360 to me and we are loving it so far!  I still don’t think James would be content to be in there for hours, but I’d settle for a happy baby while I grocery shop for 30 minutes or walk for an hour 🙂  I also love that this one has a lot less fabric on the sides than my original Ergo, so it’s less hot, which is important in Texas!

Stroller Running

We have the BOB Revolution running stroller (generously given to us by my parents – thank you!) and I finally tried running with it last week.  I had read that I could start running with baby once he was 6-8 months old and had great head control.  He just turned 7 months and has had good head control for months, so I decided to give it a try.

It was SO much more fun than I thought it would be.  I’ve always hated running with a lot of stuff – holding a water bottle, weighed down by winter clothes, etc.  That’s how I pictured stroller running would feel.  It wasn’t that way at all though, it felt great.  Sure, it was a little more challenging than running without the stroller, but since James is usually only happy in there for 30-40 minutes anyway, the added challenge is no big deal.

This will let me run outside more instead of the treadmill, and also get a workout in when James is awake so I get do something else during nap time.  I’m very excited about it!

This Guy

Always.  He has been so happy, talkative, and FUN lately.  He’s the best.

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    1. Yay, every baby’s different of course, but I bet you and your little one will love it! I’m liking it more and more each day and wish I had bought it sooner. There’s so much baby stuff out there, it’s just hard to know what your particular baby will like sometimes.

  1. I love this post! So many things to be happy about! Making mom friends is super hard but so necessary and days spent outside at the park at the best!

    1. Definitely, I’m pretty shy, but making the effort to make mom friends has been so worth it 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. James is seriously one of the cutest kids of all time. I can’t get over it! You are brave for the stroller running–I respect the hell out of anyone who does that. Good luck with making mom friends–I’m sure that it can feel isolating as you come out of that immediate post baby time!

    1. Thank you!! He is a very happy / funny little guy 🙂 I’m not going too far (I have an injured foot so sadly can’t run distances right now), but stroller running has been much better / easier than I thought it would be! It always looked kind of miserable to me, but it’s not bad at all!

    1. I do too, I got really lucky and sat next to someone friendly the first time I went to storytime. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have talked to anyone while I was there lol. Thaks for reading!

  3. The cutest post! Love all the things that make you happy. 🙂 I’m so glad you like the Ergo 360. I used it until Liam was almost 2. I also loved jogging with my jogging stroller, before I got pregnant. I would get up early and when Liam woke up, I’d dress him and go. He enjoyed eating his breakfast of pancakes and fruit while I jogged outside. Everyone was happy!

    1. Thank you! That’s a great idea, I really need to start getting out earlier, it’s already getting HOT here!

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