Day In the Life – Weekend Edition

Happy Wednesday ūüôā

I realized none of the DITL posts I’ve done have been about weekends, so decided to capture a Saturday this time.

We were supposed to have a friend come stay with us this weekend, but he sadly got strep throat and had to cancel, so we had zero plans all weekend.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:15, followed shortly by the little buddy at 6:25. ¬†It looked beautiful outside, so I decided to take him for an early morning walk. ¬†Now that the summer heat is in full swing here, I’ve been trying to get out earlier in the day. ¬†I actually love hot weather, but don’t want to keep the little guy out for too long in the mid day heat.

It was a really beautiful quiet morning, with traces of pink still in the sky.  We saw cardinals, mockingbirds, blue jays, and lots of mourning doves while we were out.

When we got home, I nursed him and then we played in his room for a while. ¬†I felt his gum to see if his first tooth had poked through, but not quite yet! ¬†It feels like it’s close; there is a definite little bump. ¬†Eventually, it was time for breakfast. ¬†He ate his favorite oatmeal, and I ate a grown up version.

He almost always eats breakfast in his weaning chair, but I scrubbed it thoroughly yesterday and want to add another coat of natural wood finish before he uses it again. ¬†I’m hoping another coat will seal it better and make it easier to clean.

I usually leave his pajamas on until after breakfast since oatmeal is messy and he would just have to change clothes again anyway.

It is still really nice out, so we have play time in the backyard after breakfast.  He is fascinated by the grass and loves to crawl around in it.

He sees an ant and gets a huge grin as he tries to chase it down.

His Dad wakes up and comes out to join us – the fun continues!

After a while, James is getting tired and it is time to get ready for a nap.  We read The Napping House in his new reading nook and he goes to sleep.

I didn’t sleep that well the night before and am feeling a little lethargic, but really want to go for a run while he naps. ¬†My injured foot was bothering me last week and I hadn’t run all week. ¬†So glad I went! ¬†I felt a little slow to start with, but ended up having a great run. ¬†I don’t have a working Garmin right now, so I’m not sure how far I went, but somewhere between 4-5 miles.

I listened to my Austin Marathon playlist from a few years ago. ¬†It’s a super random mix of my favorite songs from throughout my life. ¬†Highlights include John Michael Montgomery’s Cowboy Love from one of my first cds in 4th grade, our wedding song by Jackie Greene, and lots of Eminem. ¬†Each song reminds me of a different time in my life and I love it.

When I get home, I hear James right away Рapparently he did not have a good nap (told you I would jinx it!)  I take a quick shower and play time resumes.

James is in a pretty good mood despite his short nap and we all play with random stuff around the living room and kitchen. ¬†Really, mostly my husband plays with him while I sit and watch. ¬†I’m feeling tired and chugging both water and cold brew coffee.

James nurses again and a little while later I make him lunch.

He eats a pancake (I made a big batch last weekend and now have a bunch in the freezer), scrambled eggs with spinach and onion, and roasted sweet potatoes.

My husband starts up the grill while James is eating and James stared out the window in a trance – he loves watching his Dad!

After cleaning up lunch and a little more play time, it is time for nap #2.  I work on this post while he sleeps and enjoy the delicious smells coming from the grill outside.

I failed to take a picture because we were trying to eat quickly before James woke up, but we ate delicious burgers and a salad I made with spinach, baby kale, strawberries, and honey goat cheese – so good. ¬†I’m not really into restaurant burgers, but love burgers straight off the grill!

The little guy woke up right before 1:00 and was ready for more play time! ¬†My husband played with him¬†while I talked to my sister on the phone (mostly about our upcoming Disney World trip…SO excited). ¬†I heard periodic squeals and bursts of laughter from the other room and it made my heart so happy.

When I got off the phone it was time to nurse James again and then we were ready for some more outside time.  It was a cloudy day and not so unbearably hot as it has been some days so we took full advantage.  We headed to the backyard for some splashing in the kiddie pool, one of my favorite things lately.

We spent quite a while out there and then it was time for one more nap for James. ¬†He’s in the midst of the 3-2 nap transition and it just depends on the day, but since he hadn’t had any long naps today he needed a third one. ¬†He fell asleep almost immediately at 3:05 so apparently that splash time wore him out!

I raced out to do some top-secret fathers day errands and got home a little after he woke up.

I nursed him again and then we had a little more play time in the new playroom. ¬†The playroom is not finished, it’s just an empty room with a rug and a couch, but he already seems to love playing in there. ¬†As he wants to explore more and more, it’s nice to have another space that is set up for him.

Soon it’s time for me to make his dinner. ¬†He has part of one of the burgers my husband grilled, avocado toast, green beans, and watermelon. ¬†Dinner takes a LONG time today, which is unusual for him, but he seems really into eating his food, just slowly.

He particularly likes the avocado toast and, of course, the watermelon.

Because dinner took so long, we divide and conquer and I clean up dinner while my husband does bath time. ¬†James’s hair brush is one of his favorite things to play with at the moment.

Then it’s time to nurse James one more time, wrestle him into pjs, read him Goodnight Moon, and sing him Forever Young one more time for the day.

He is in bed at 6:15 and passes out almost immediately; I don’t hear a single sound after I leave the room.

Despite not taking good naps today, James was in the BEST mood all day, constantly laughing, and it was a really fun day.

After he’s in bed, we eat random leftovers for dinner and I drink wine and eat ice cream while we watch a new to us show (Red Oak – only okay so far). ¬†I then pass out myself, so tired and so happy.

What was your Saturday like?

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    1. Thank you! I’m excited, but a littler nervous too…I definitely would have waited until he’s a little older, but my family is going so we decided to be brave and go along!

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