Twelve Questions

I wanted to mix it up today and do a little “get to know you” survey.  Feel free to answer one (or all) of the questions in the comments, I’d love to get to know you too!

1. At which store would you like to max out your credit card?

Anthropologie.  I want to live in that store.

2. What was your favorite tv show growing up?

Full House all the way!

3. Do you play any musical instruments?

Not well, but I took harp lessons for years.  I’d love to get back into it so I can play songs for our little guy, but I need to learn how to change strings first because some of the strings on my harp have popped.

4. What is your favorite cereal?

I don’t really eat cereal for breakfast, but I love it as a snack / dessert.  As children, my sister and I both randomly loved Cracklin’ Oat Bran, which we called “tv cereal” due to its shape.  I still think it’s delicious.  We also loved corn pops though, because they had the best prizes….

5. What was the worst punishment you ever received in school?

I have always been a rule follower and only remember one punishment in school…and I sort of loved it.  In my high school, seniors were allowed to leave campus, but only at lunch time.  My best friend and I had a free period and she wanted to go get donuts, so we went.  It was a free period, we weren’t even skipping class, but of course we got caught.  The principal liked us and clearly wasn’t really mad, I think he thought it was funny.  Still, he gave us detention.  We had to come in on a weekend and organize some lost and found closet.  I don’t love cleaning, but I love organizing.  We found some old American Girl books in the closet and my friend read them aloud while I color coded all of the clothes in the lost and found…it was strangely fun lol.

6. What are three things still left on your bucket list?

1 – Visit every US national park, or at least the continental ones.

2 – Visit every continent, except Antarctica

3 – Travel to the Galapagos!

Apparently, I want to travel more….

7. What is the worst pet you have ever had?

Hermit Crabs.  I got a couple of hermit crabs for my class a couple of years ago and they were the most boring pets ever.  This is likely because they’re nocturnal, so never came out when we were at school, and were super afraid of people.  They’re probably much more interesting if you have them at home and can see them at night.  I obviously should have done more research here….

8. What is a food you associate with vacation?

Pop tarts!  We didn’t eat these on a regular basis as kids, but I clearly remember being allowed to pick out a flavor before a trip (I think mostly before road trips to visit my grandfather’s ranch).  Choosing was always such a tough decision!  I think I like the strawberry ones best though.

9. What is your favorite place you’ve ever vacationed?

South Africa!  My husband and I went there on our honeymoon and it was so beautiful.  We did a mix of exploring the coast, wine tasting, and safari, but the safari was definitely the best part.  Alaska is probably my second favorite and I really want to go back.

10.  What really makes you angry?

Too many things… I actually have a pretty bad temper, which surprises people who don’t know me that well.  One thing that makes me really mad though is drivers who try to drive up to the front of a line of cars and skip the line.  There was this one turn I always made on my way home from work with one really wide lane and people would always do this…makes me unreasonably angry.

11. What is your favorite sport to watch and play?

My favorite to watch is college football (Hook ’em Horns!) and my favorite to play is basketball (or running if that counts).

12. What fictional place would you most like to go?

Hogwarts!  I’m not big into science fiction or fantasy in general, but love Harry Potter.

Play along in the comments!

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  1. 1. Hobby Lobby! oh the things i can get to create!
    2. Oh man I got a lot! To name a few would be Full House, Golden Girls, He-Man, Ninja Trutles, and Three’s Company. LOL
    3. Not now i dont. I played the violin in the 6th grade.
    4. Dry is Fruit Loops and with milk is Honey Bunches of Oats.
    5. I got ISS once..
    6. Bucket list: Corpus Christi to see all things Selena( huge fan); go to Hawaii; and visit Iceland.
    7. I think I would say fish. Mainly cuz I love animals and want to hold and pet them. LOL
    8. Junk food! Like chips and Ice cream.
    9. Austin before I moved here.
    10. Not being heard!
    11.Watch is College Football(HOOK’EM HORNS!!) and play anything that I dont have to move to much in lol.
    12.Same as yours! HOGWARTS! Jus curious if you had ever taken a quiz to see house you are in. I’m a Hufflepuff lol

    1. I have not taken the quiz, I’m going to go google it! I feel like it will say Ravenclaw though – I’d love to be Gryffindor, but I’m a scardy cat lol. Also, my brother is in Iceland right now, it sounds awesome!

  2. I love reading surveys like this! It’s so interesting to learn more about people through random little facts like this.

    1. I’m with you on Anthropologie, but I could also say Express, Target, or Free People, too.
    9. Italy for a study abroad trip in college. Amazing.
    10. One million percent, I agree with your answer. And basically anything else that has to do with driving.
    12. Yes – Hogwarts. All the way.

    1. I really want to go to Italy! It is definitely at the top of my list. I could easily spend all of my money at Target too…I spend way too much there as it is lol.

  3. Hogwarts! Have you been to HP World at Universal in Florida? My dad lives near Orlando and I went back in 2012 (before I had kids), and I loved it! I loved pop tarts as a kid, the frosted brown sugar kind was my fav. I wonder if I’ll ever let my kids eat them LOL! I think they make organic versions of pop tarts now but I bet they are not the same. And I also loved Full House, but I couldn’t watch the new series on Netflix, just not the same. What a fun post!

    1. Oh my gosh, I really wanted to like the new Full House series, but it was just too bad lol. I tried for a few episodes…. I have not been to HP World, but my sister is going in December and I’m super jealous!!

  4. How fun!! I smiled at the fact Poptarts remind you of vacations. I’d say Starbursts do the same for me because I’d always pick up a bag before a long trip. And the hermit crab question, too! We had a class hermit crab that each student got to take home for the weekend every week. Most boring pet EVER! Then it died while it was at my friend’s house and she was heartbroken for at least a week.

    1. Haha they really are the worst pets! At least for a classroom. I always felt so annoyed cleaning their habitat because I literally never saw them. Someone had told me they were a great class pet b/c they’re easy and don’t take up much room, but they were so boring!

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