Friday Favorites

Good morning and happy Friday!

I don’t usually do a Friday Favorites post, but so many little things are making me happy this week, I wanted to share.

The Best Birthday

It was my birthday last week and it was seriously the best day.  My husband took the day off of work and planned a whole day of fun things he knows I love.  He is not a planner by nature, so honestly just the fact that he planned things made my day.  We went to Starbucks in the morning and it was actually nice out so we could sit outside.

After the little guy’s morning nap, we went to Deep Eddy (a great pool in Austin) and Kerby Lane Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants.  We hung out at home in the afternoon, so as not to torture the little guy, and then my husband got happy hour supplies so we could have an at home date night, which I love.  He got cheeses and crackers and wine and the cutest little birthday cake and we just hung out and listened to music and played cards.  Also, my friend Laura had her beautiful baby girl so we share a birthday!  It was a wonderful day.

Running App

I mentioned recently I signed up for a half marathon with my brother.  It’s not until January, but I am already SO excited because it’s been a really long time since I’ve run any races.  I lost the charger to my Garmin GPS watch, but just started using the app called Running and really like it so far.  I have no idea if this is the best one, I just chose a free one with really good ratings.  I don’t really know how accurate it is, but it seems in line with my general paces on the treadmill, so it’s good enough for me.  I feel like the “current pace” is all over the place, but the per mile pace and distance seem about right.  It’s nice to have some way to track my running progress again!

Pineapple Shorts

(Image from Old Navy Site)

I’m a little bit in love with these shorts I got last week at Old Navy.  They are having the biggest sale and I went in to get a few longer shirts to wear with leggings, but couldn’t help picking up these shorts too.  I’m obsessed.

Your Self-Confident Baby

I know I mentioned this book, by Magda Gerber, earlier in the week, but I just finished it and really love it.  I’m considering doing a post on the differences I saw between RIE and Montessori because I find it really interesting.  This has also inspired me to go back and re-read some of my Montessori books we well.

Backyard Play Time

Now that we’ve been staying home more, we’ve been enjoying more time in the backyard.  Yes, it has been ridiculously hot, but our backyard has a lot of shade so it’s not too bad.  I bring a big blanket out and some books and things for James to play with.

Sometimes I also fill up the kiddie pool so he can go in there if he wants.  He spends some time on the blanket and also crawls around inspecting sticks and trying to eat leaves.  We both really enjoy it!

Jessica Smith TV

Other than walking and running, I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of other workouts.  I think it started with the great short nap fiasco that occurred when James was around six months.  I just never really got back into the habit.  Honestly, running and hiking and walking are the only workouts I truly love doing.  But, I know strength is important, especially as we get older, and I do like it when I feel stronger.  So I’m trying to get back into doing other workouts, but I want them to be short and sweet since I don’t love doing them.  I’m loving the twenty to thirty minute HIIT and strength workouts on JessicaSmithTV.  I also love FitnessType.  I was all about her ten to twenty minute HIIT workouts right after I had James and his naps were super unpredictable.  She has a wide range or easy to hard workouts too.

What’s making you happy this week?

Do you have any favorite online workouts I should try?

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday! We favor at home date nights too, but I’m hoping that someday after baby #2 is weaned we will get out once again! Would love to see a post about RIE vs Montessori, I already got that book for my Kindle and am looking forward to reading it. We have also been spending more time in the backyard. We are still sad, but since our dog passed away, we no longer have to be concerned about Henry stepping in unfortunate spots. The heat and the humidity are brutal but my son is not bothered at all by it and loves to go out.

    1. I would definitely like to get out for some date nights too. We’ve never gotten a babysitter, but James goes to bed at like 7 and doesn’t need us at night anymore, so we totally could, I just need to find one! Our little guy doesn’t seem to mind the hear either, as long as he’s not in the direct sun…good thing since we live in Texas and it’s hot like 80% of the year!

  2. Happy late birthday! Your husband planned what would have been just about my perfect day, too, haha. Those shorts are too cute. You should try out the Tone It Up workouts! Just look at their website or search them on youtube and you will find any and every type and length of workout you could ever want.

    1. I will definitely try those workouts, thanks! I get bored really quickly with workout videos, so I love having new ones to try!

  3. Loved these Friday Favorites! I need those pineapple shorts!

    This week my lack of foot pain makes me happy, haha 🙂 I hope to get my boot off in two weeks! (I broke my foot)

    Have a great rest of your Friday.

  4. Thank you! The shorts are super light and comfy too 🙂 that is awesome about your foot! I have a long term foot injury (an extra bone that causes tendonitus) and it’s feeling a little better lately so I’ve been able to run some, which makes a BIG difference in my happiness. Happy Friday!

  5. I love the shout out and that my little one shares your birthday! 😊 I also love working out at home. I find videos to be a great way to fit in workouts with kids. I have friends who include their toddlers and “workout” together. Although the workouts definitely take longer, you can’t stress to kids enough the importance of taking care of their body. I take liam to child and me yoga at the library and he loves it! I’m going to check out the Jessica Smith videos for sure when I’m ready to get back into it. I’ve heard of HIIT workouts but haven’t tried any.

    1. I love the idea of including your toddler! I bet that would be really fun and what a great way to show them that exercise can be fun. I would love to do a baby and me yoga class. The only one I’ve found near us is during James’s nap time, but once he switches to one nap, I’d love to try it. I hope you and baby are doing so well!!!

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