Happy Birthday to….the blog!

I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but I was just thinking, “Hey, I bet it’s been almost a year since I started posting.”  So I checked.  And it’s been exactly a year today!  Who knew?  Some part of my brain apparently.

I couldn’t let the day pass without popping in to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads.  This has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me and such a great way to connect with people, when I spend many hours at home with just me and the little guy.

Here are the five most read posts from the year:

  1. Five Parenting Lessons I Learned as a Teacher This has been by far my most read post, by a factor of…45!  I attribute this to the fact that the wonderful Janet Lansbury shared it on her Facebook page, so thank you very much Janet!  If you are not familiar with her work, you should definitely check out her website.
  2. Baby Led Weaning – High Chair versus Weaning Chair
  3. The Beginning – my very first post.
  4. Birth Reflections – Why I’m Glad I got an Epidural
  5. Thoughts on a Floor Bed (here is the update for how the floor bed worked, or didn’t work, for us as James got older)

And these posts did not make the top five, but they are two of my favorites: How I Left the Corporate World for Montessori Part I and Part II.

It has been an amazing year and I’m so happy to have so much of it documented to look back on.

Here’s to another year, thanks for reading!

– Christina


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