Looking Forward to….

In an effort to combat my sentimental side, the (big) part of me that is struggling with my little guy turning one this week, I’ve been thinking about all of the many wonderful things we have to look forward to as he gets older – it turns out there are a lot!

Here’s my list.

  1. Board game nights – I know this won’t be for a while, but it is my number one, I am such a board game nerd, love them
  2. Family camping trips
  3. Cooking / baking with James
  4. Hearing all of the funny things he will say
  5. Hearing him say “I love you”
  6. Seeing what his interests are
  7. More freedom to go out with my husband or friends
  8. Arts and crafts time!  I’m so unartistic, but I LOVE to color.
  9. Playground dates
  10. Picnics
  11. Trips to the zoo where he actually likes the animals
  12. Watching him ride bikes with my husband
  13. Buying little shoes!  Now that he’s starting to walk, I should probably get on that.
  14. Movie nights
  15. Taking him to his first football game (hook ’em horns!)
  16. Watching him trick or treat
  17. Everything about Christmas with a toddler
  18. Reading him Frog and Toad, and someday Harry Potter
  19. Watching him learn to read on his own
  20. Watching him (hopefully) become a big brother some day
  21. Seeing him see snow for the first time, and go sledding!
  22. Watching him make little friends

If you have older kids (or work with kids), what’s one of your favorite things about the toddler stage?

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