To you on your (very first) birthday

Dear little one,

May you take long naps and always eat your vegetables.  Oh wait, that’s my birthday wish…. let’s try again.

I’ve wanted a baby ever since I could remember.  Yes, I was one of those kids.  I hung up pictures of babies in my room as a little girl (from an Anne Geddes calendar, did anyone else love her?  Just me?)  Still, I had no idea how wonderful you would be or how very much I would love you.

I’ve loved you from the first moment I found out I was pregnant, maybe even before then.  It seemed too good to be true and I spent a good part of my pregnancy worrying that something would go wrong.  But it didn’t and you were born healthy and strong and I couldn’t believe how perfect you were.

I am so HAPPY to celebrate with you today.  I know you don’t understand what today is all about, but I hope you can feel that it’s a special day none the less.  We are going to do your favorite things (story time, playing outside, maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble or the splash pad) and eat your favorite foods (peas, pizza, bananas, blueberries).

I can’t wait to give you your first slice of birthday cake.  I suspect you’ll shun it in favor of peas, like you do with ice cream, but I’m excited anyway.

I can’t wait to help you open your presents today.  I’m excited to watch you play with the wrapping paper and boxes and, hopefully, eventually, with the new toys we carefully picked for you.

I can’t wait to give you a few extra cuddles, hugs, and kisses, and to read you all of your favorite books, as many times as you want.

I can’t wait to sing you happy birthday for the very first time!

I can’t wait to celebrate this magical year together, the one that rocked our worlds in the best possible way, the one that was so scary, so exhausting, and so joyful that we will never be the same.

Most of all, I can’t wait to watch you grow for another year.  I have no idea what it will bring and I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ll be capable of at the end of it, but I know it will be nothing short of an amazing adventure, full of smiles and laughs and plenty of lazy afternoons at home, full of time together.

Happy birthday little one!

Love, Mama


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  1. Happy birthday to little James. May goodness surround him all his days!
    I live your blog and though I’m not a mom yet I’m learning so much and feel love reading about all the milestones lil James jumps through. May you and your family be blessed! Love from South Africa💛

    1. Thank you so much! I always loved reading about kids before I had one too, it’s fun to look forward toward the future 🙂 Are you from South Africa? We actually went there on our honeymoon and loved it so much! It’s such a beautiful country and everyone we met was so friendly. Thanks for reading!

      1. Yes i am from South Africa and you’re right , reading about babies gives me so much to look forward to (and panic about lol). Im not one for surprises so I think when the time comes I’ll be more prepared (hopefully). I’m glad you had a good time here. The safaris are an absolute must for a memorable honeymoon. Thank you for sharing! Such a great read💛

        1. Thank you! YES, we did a safari for a few days the second week we were there and it was probably the coolest experience of my life, I love animals. I really want to go back someday, but I’m guessing it will be many years from now, b/c of the long expensive flights. I’m glad we got to go before we had kids!

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