Recent Highlights, Birthday Edition

I don’t often share weekend recaps because I don’t like feeling pressure to go do all the things (#homebody), and because I often forget to take pictures when we’re out and about.

We’ve had so much fun the last week though that I wanted to share.  My father in law is visiting from Wisconsin for James’s birthday and yesterday was also my husband’s birthday (happy birthday!!!!!)

I don’t think he cares at all, but I actually feel kind of bad for my husband because his birthday is only five days after James’s and I have a feeling it might get overshadowed sometimes.  It’s a good thing he likes pizza parties as much as any kid I’ve ever met 😉

Here are the highlights, sentence (or two) per picture style.

It doesn’t rain much here, so when it does we make sure to watch.

Is one old enough to drink coffee?

James enjoyed helping Dad put together his new walker wagon.

This super blurry photo from his birthday is one of my favorites, pure joy.

He’s working on his death stare.  I think it’s looking pretty good.

The water table was a big hit!

We also made him a family picture board book for his birthday using Pinhole Press and he loved it right away.  I can’t wait to make him more board books!

White or orange?  Every man must choose.

James took an extra long nap Saturday morning and I sat outside and finished this book – it was glorious.

James had so much fun with his Grandpa!

We went for a walk on Austin’s greenbelt and stopped to play in the water – that face!

There’s a park about a mile from our house and I love that he’s getting old enough to play there!  He loves climbing around and watching the big kids.

What’s a recent highlight from your life?

Do you have any fun birthday traditions?

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    1. Thank you! I love the board book, we’ve read it approximately one million times so far lol. It’s great because some of his family lives far away so I’m hoping this will help him remember who they are in between visits.

  1. Happy birthday, James! I absolutely love his death stare and action shot on the wagon! The photo board book is such a great idea too. ❤️

  2. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday! Your weekend looks similar to a birthday at my house, low key. We have yet to have a true party with kids and a theme and whatnot. I’m not sure I’m Pinterest savvy enough for it LOL. What a great idea with the book! My son has some Shutterfly books but they are not overly sturdy. I’ll have to look into Pinhole Press. So, the Magicians – I watched the TV show and perhaps that ruined it for me…cause I had a lot of trouble getting into the first book. Did you see the show and what did you think compared to the books? Should I pull it back out and finish it? 🙂

    1. We thought about having a party, but I was so glad we didn’t, because he seemed a little overwhelmed as it was and we really didn’t do that much! How funny about the Magicians! I haven’t seen the show yet – I heard about it while I was already reading the first book and wanted to finish the books first. Was the show good? I actually liked the second and third books better (I liked the first book until the end, which was a little over the top for me). I got into the first book right away though, so I’d say if you don’t like it, it’s probably not worth continuing. I had forgoten about the show, I want to watch it now!

      1. I enjoyed the show, but I think they definitely spiced it up compared with the books – again I only read like half of the first book. The characters are all older in the show at the beginning and the show is more of an ensemble cast, honestly Quentin is pretty much my least favorite show character which was my other issue getting into the books. Perhaps I would like him more in the books if I hadn’t seen him in the show first.

        1. Interesting! I was wondering if they had combined the books in the show, which is the main reason I didn’t want to watch it until I read them all. If they’re older to start with it sounds like they may have.I have to watch it now and see what I think!

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