The Dragon’s Gate: Chronicles of the Black Tulip Book 2

Book Review, Middle Grade

The Dragon's Gate by Barry Wolverton. Chronicles of the Black Tulip Book 2. Sequel to The Vanishing Island. A middle grade adventure novel for kids ages 8-12.This blog post contains affiliate links.

The Dragon’s Gate by Barry Wolverton

Age Range: 8 – 12 years | Grade Level: 3 – 7 | Series: Chronicles of the Black Tulip (Book 2) | Hardcover: 336 pages | Publisher: Walden Pond Press (November 1, 2016)


About the Book

An engrossing fantasy, a high-seas adventure, an alternate history epic—this is the richly imagined and gorgeously realized second book in acclaimed author Barry Wolverton’s Chronicles of the Black Tulip, perfect for fans of The Glass Sentence and the Books of Beginning series.

A magical white jade stone and a map inscribed in bone that may be the key to an even greater mystery—this is the treasure Bren and Mouse have found buried on the Vanishing Island.

Mouse is determined to follow the map to a place called the Dragon’s Gate, convinced it will explain who she really is and the powers she possesses. Bren has had enough adventure for one lifetime and would like nothing more than to return to his father in Map. But nothing goes according to plan when the survivors of the Albatross are rescued by Lady Jean Barrett, a charismatic archaeologist with a sense of destiny.

Barrett is on a quest for the Eight Immortals, ancient artifacts she believes are buried in the tomb of China’s first emperor—the location of which has been hidden for nearly two thousand years. The only way for Bren, Mouse, and Barrett to all get what they want is to work together on a dangerous journey into the heart of China, a kingdom long closed to outsiders, where the greatest secrets about Mouse and Bren are waiting to be unveiled.


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My Thoughts on The Dragon’s Gate

The Dragon's Gate by Barry Wolverton. Chronicles of the Black Tulip Book 2. Sequel to The Vanishing Island. A middle grade adventure novel for kids ages 8-12.

I LOVE Barry Wolverton’s books. I’ve read all of them so far, and I plan on reading everything he writes in the future.

The Dragon’s Gate is the second book in The Chronicles of the Black Tulip series and picks up right where The Vanishing Island ended. Bren and Mouse are stranded on the island until the rest of the survivors from the ship manage to find them.

The story is split three ways, with one vein following Bren and Mouse. Another follows an adventuring woman named Barrett, and the third following Bren’s father and Archibald Black. Each set of characters is looking for something. Some of them find what they’re looking for, but others don’t.

This installment is less violent and not as scary as the first book. There’s more travel, lots of Chinese folktales, and some big decisions that have to be made.

I didn’t expect the ending to be the way it is. It took me by surprise, honestly. I’m not sure how I feel about it, other than I have mixed emotions about the way things ended.

All I can say is that I’m glad there will be a third book. There’s no way I can let this story go at this point. I’m completely suckered in.

This is a great cross-over series for kids in that 10-14 age range. They’re too old for fluffy middle-grade novels but not quite ready for YA books like The Hunger Games.

Cover Talk: I love the covers for this series. The artist’s style fits the story really well and the cover art is a good representation of what to expect. The covers are adventurous and exciting — just like the books.

Content: Some fantasy violence.

Source: The publisher sent me a copy of this book.



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