May Goals

I have to say, typing out my goals for April made such a difference!  Instead of a bunch of vague, fuzzy stuff in my head that I wanted to accomplish, I had a very manageable list.  I definitely plan to keep doing this in the future.

First, a recap of April’s goals:

Conceptualize Playroom: Check!  I now have a very clear vision of what I want James’s playroom to look like.  I’ve mostly cleared out the office, and have purchased about half of what we need.  I just need to get a shelf, rug, and picture frames.  I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to buy, but I want to finish cleaning out the office before I actually buy it.

I’m most excited about the reading nook I have planned!  I already got this canopy and soft rug for it.

Prepare Garden Beds: This was the only one that was a big time failure…oops.  I didn’t even start doing this, and I’m honestly not at all confident that it will happen this month either.  I did acquire a few pretty potted plants for the back patio, and may just settle for that for now.

Make Family Dinners: Check!  This was mostly a success.  I did much more meal planning / cooking this month and found a few new staple meals that are very quick and easy, reasonably healthy, and taste good!

We did not really eat a lot of family dinners with James though, and I now realize we probably won’t for a while.  Because of his early bedtime, he usually eats around 5:00.  I honestly don’t really want to eat dinner that early, but also, my husband isn’t usually home by then.  For now, I’m settling for eating a snack with James while he eats, and will make an effort to eat lunch with him.

Watch Less TV: Check!  This may be the one that made me the happiest.  I finished watching West Wing and did not start a new tv series (until this past weekend…oops).  I occasionally watched a movie, but not being in the middle of a series I love meant that watching tv was not my go-to activity for the night.  I may designate one night a week as tv night or something, I’m not really sure.

Okay, on to May’s Goals!

Read More: This is my number one goal this month.  It’s already started to happen naturally because I haven’t been watching much tv.  I love to read and want to really get back into the habit of reading regularly.

Write More: I’ve never had any talent for (or really enjoyed) most artistic activities, but I’ve always loved to write.  I have a couple of writing projects that I’ve started, but haven’t worked on in a while.  There is one in particular I’m hoping to finish this month.  It’s a children’s book for James.  I know it will likely never be published, but I plan to print it with Pinhole Press, which lets you print your own board books, to give to him.

Go Somewhere New Every Week: It is so fun to take James out these days.  He is super friendly and smiley and seems to really enjoy getting out.  We go somewhere almost every day now, but I am definitely a creature of habit and we often go to the same few places.  We just moved to South Austin right before James was born, so I am still discovering the area.  I’m looking forward to taking James to new places this month, even if it’s just a different park or library of coffee shop.

Wear Sunscreen: I wear sunscreen when I go to the beach or know I’ll be outside all day, but I am not good about wearing it every day.  With the amount of time I spend outside, I know I should be doing this.  I want to finally make this part of my daily routine this month.

What are your goals this month?

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  1. What show did you start this weekend? I really like your goal of going somewhere new each week. I have lived in the metro-Detroit area for almost my entire life and feel like there are still numerous places I have yet to explore. A big goal for me this month is to focus on myself. I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months trying to please other people and I want to take time for myself in May – to work on my blog, my house, and just little things that make me happy.

    1. I started Girl Boss – I didn’t really like the first episode, but now I like it! Focusing on yourself is such a great goal! I really like this quote from Gretchen Rubin: “One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.” Making yourself happy is important for you and for everyone you love!

  2. I really need to start wearing more sunscreen. I’ve been terrible about that! When Alex and I first moved to Chicago, we made it a goal to go to a new area of the city every week and a new restaurant before one that we had already been to. The problem is that now we love certain places, so getting our rears into gear is difficult!

    1. Sunscreen sounds so simple but I always seem to forget. I never get sunburned, which is great, but I think it also keeps me from remembering to wear it. I am SUCH a creature of habit, I definitely have to force myself to go new places or I go to the same 2-3 favorites all the time.

    1. Thanks! This is kind of cheating, but one of my favorites was the frozen falafel from Trader Joes – I hadn’t tried it before, but it’s really good! I like it on salads or pitas or naan with hummus, cucumbers, kalamata olives…all the toppings 🙂

  3. Great goals. I am with you on the family dinners, I would love for my family of four to sit down together every night, but the babes go to bed so early right now that it is tough. We are aiming for having our weekend meals as a family for now.

    1. That’s a great idea to prioritize family dinners on the weekend! I may have to try that. I love the idea of family meals so much, just haven’t been able to work out the logistics. That sounds like a great compromise!

  4. I would like to create more things not jus think about them or talk about them. but actually make them. maybe either sale them and / or donate them to some cause but not sure what kind????? i love reading your blogs and miss your face at Hawthrone! hope i get to meet your sweet little James one day!

    1. Thanks for reading Elsie!! You make wonderful things, that’s a great goal! Hopefully I can bring James by soon, I’d love to see you guys!

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