Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo….

That song has been stuck in my head all weekend.  If you don’t know it, I do not recommend that you look it up….

I hope everyone who had Memorial Day off enjoyed the long weekend, and everyone who had to work is hanging in there.

I spent the long weekend with my family in Houston.  As you may have guessed from the title of this post, one of the highlights of the weekend involved taking James to the Houston Zoo.

I had no idea whether or not he would notice the animals, but he generally enjoys seeing new scenery and loves people watching, so we figured it would be fun either way.

Oh my goodness though, it took about twenty minutes to drive to the zoo…and about 45 minutes to find parking.  It was pure madness!  We almost turned around and went home, but my sister was meeting us there and had already parked, so we kept on looking.  It wasn’t even that crowded when we made it into the zoo, but a bunch of the parking was blocked off for some reason.

The first thing we went to look at when we got in was the sea lions.  He got the biggest smile on his face.  I guess he noticed them!

The whole time we were there, James seemed to be having the best time (as were we all).  I’m not sure how many of the animals he noticed, but I think he loved watching the big kids run and play and enjoyed looking around at all of the pretty trees.

It got pretty hot while we were there, but we took breaks inside or in the shade when needed.

One highlight for everyone was feeding the giraffes.  We were given big lettuce leaves to feed to them.  We were basically face to face with the beautiful animals, but James just stared at the lettuce.  I think he was too busy hoping for a bite to notice the huge animals right in front of him.

One thing he definitely noticed though was the petting zoo!  I tentatively brought James over to a friendly looking goat with no other children around, not sure how he would react / whether he would be scared.

He loved it so much!  Watching him smile and laugh as he pet the gentle goats was pretty much the best thing ever.

We were probably only there for about an hour and a half before we needed to leave so James could nap, but it was 100% worth it.  I can’t wait to take him back this summer and watch as he becomes more and more aware of the animals all around.

Does your city have a nice zoo?

Austin doesn’t have a normal zoo, but has a rescue center zoo.  I haven’t actually been there yet, as it’s outside of town.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. What a fun adventure! I love taking the kiddos to the zoo. When of my favorite moments with my son was when he was about a year old, we took him to a petting zoo and he was absolutely enthralled. He was clapping and smiling, and bouncing around the whole time.

    1. That is so sweet 🙂 I can’t wait to go more this summer as James becomes more aware of the animals. So cute!

    1. I’ve been to Philadelphia twice, but both times for work. It seems like such a greay city, I’d love to go sometime just for fun!

  2. “…how about you, you, you. You can come too, too, too. We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!” 😉 Looks like a fun zoo adventure. We love the zoo in DC that I’m sure you’ve been to a dozen times. Liam is more interested now then when he was younger. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Haha, that song is still stuck in my head! The DC zoo is the best. I love that it’s free, so you don’t feel bad if you’re only there for an hour or so. Also, such a nice size, especially with kids I imagine, not too huge!

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