June Goals

May was such a great month!  Looking back though, I really did not hit most of the goals I set…and I don’t really care.  We had a wonderful, fun month and were in Houston for three out of the four weekends, so it was just not a routine time, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Still, for the sake of accountability, here’s a recap of my May goals:

Read More – This was the only goal I actually accomplished.  I finished Memoirs of a Polar Bear, read the Magicians, and started The Hundred Secret Senses.  Not a ton of books by any means, but considering the traveling we did, I feel good about it and really enjoyed all three books.

I also listened to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, part of Neverwhere, and The One and Only on Audible.  If you’re not familiar with Audible, I highly recommend it!  It lets you get one audiobook a month for $15.  I think they have other options too, but that’s the one I get.  I started using it when I had a really long commute and it makes driving SO much more enjoyable.  I also listen to audio books during walks with the stroller and while I cook and clean.  It makes mundane tasks infinitely more enjoyable for me.

Write More – Nope, not even a little bit.  Whoops….

Go Somewhere New Every Week – I did not track this, but definitely went several new places.  My favorite was the sculpture gardens we went to, but I also went to a new fun restaurant with a friend and a new grocery store (exciting, I know…).  I’m going to continue this effort because while it’s often much easier to just go the same old places, I enjoy the little bit of adventure that comes from doing something new.

Wear Sunscreen – Another major fail.  I remembered sometimes, but definitely not every day.  I’ve started keeping the little guy’s sunscreen by the stroller and am going to do the same with mine to help me remember.

Onto June!

Introduce Daily / Weekly Checklist: I want to make / start using a daily checklist to help keep me accountable for the things (like wearing sunscreen!!) that I want to do regularly, but slip through the cracks.  If I come up with a good system, I’ll make sure to share it!  I love lists and organizational tasks of all kinds, so am nerdily looking forward to this 🙂

Delete Email Subscriptions: This sounds minor, but I’m subscribed to about a million emails that I don’t want to receive.  This is a minor annoyance every day and also causes me to want to buy things I don’t need and wouldn’t otherwise know about.  I want to unsubscribe from them all!

Complete the Playroom: I left this off of last month’s list because I knew we wouldn’t have time, but I did pick up some really fun items at Ikea while I was in Houston.  Now that the little guy is constantly on the move, I’m looking forward to having another room that is 100% baby proof for him to crawl around in.

I’m stopping with just three goals for this month because I know summer will be busy, so want to keep it simple / realistic.

Do you have any goals for the month?

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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  1. I second the email unsubscription. My inbox is 97% junk…but I swear every time I git “unsubscribe”, they still send me emails! I like your goal of going somewhere new every week, too. My husband and I tend to stick around the same areas of the city even though we’ve lived here two years already. Time to explore a little.

    1. I am totally like that, we go the same five places all the time. I definitely have to make a conscious effort to get out of that rut!

    1. It’s been really fun! I’m not at all goot at decorating, but for some reason, kids’ rooms seem less intimidating. I can’t wait until it’s finished!

    1. Ahhh, thank you!!! I’m going to try that, I should have known there’d be a better way than me tirelessly clicking through one thousand emails and searching for the hidden “unsubscribe” button lol.

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