July Goals

Happy belated 4th of July!

How it is July already, I have no idea, but I believe it because it has been HOT.  We are all about early morning walks and playing in the kiddie pool these days and I don’t see that changing for some time.  I can’t handle being inside all day, so we make it work.

Anyway, along with a new month comes new goals.

First a recap of last month’s goals:

Introduce Daily / Weekly Checklist: Definitely did not do this, BUT, I did finally start wearing sunscreen on my face every day, which was one of the reasons I wanted to start a checklist.  The key was to get one I love. I love anything rose scented, so love how this one smells and enjoy putting it on.  It also feels really light.  The only problem is if I put it on and go running, it gets in my eyes and really stings.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a face sunscreen that doesn’t sting your eyes?

Delete Email Subscriptions: I’ll give myself a B+ on this one.  I was really diligent at the beginning of the month and unsubscribed from a bunch…then I was told by several people that there are things that will do this for you automatically.  I have not yet signed up for one of those, but hopefully my husband will read this and do it for me (he is my personal IT guy, I am terrible at all things technology).

Complete the Playroom: Yes!  I am super close on this one and I love it!  I just need to hang the final pictures and I will do a post sharing it soon.  It is simple, but it has been wonderful to have another space that’s really set up for James, especially with limited bursts of outside play time in this heat.

Okay, onward and upward, July goals!

Complete my Monthly Meal Plan Experiment:  I’m posting more about this soon, but I was feeling a serious lack of creativity in the cooking department.  That coupled with always feeling like I was running out of things and needing to make multiple grocery trips each week led me to rethink the way I was meal planning.  My goal this month is to stick with the new plan and hone it a bit more for efficiency’s sake.

Write (apart from the blog) 3 Times per Week:  After maybe a year’s hiatus, I’ve finally gotten back to a personal writing project I started some time ago.  I think because of the mental effort required, I’m always resistant to working on it, but always feel so good when I do.  I’m going to try to work on it three times a week this month.  I’ve already put it on the calendar, so I think that will help as I tend to stick to things once they’re scheduled.  I’m still working on how to balance this with blogging, hence the skipped posts recently.

Reflect on the Next Year:  This one is a little vague, but probably the most important.  I always said I wanted to stay home with James for the first year, but then what….  I’m feeling very torn about whether / when to go back to work right now.  I visited the school where I taught last week and it felt SO good to be there and see all of the wonderful children and coworkers I love.  Then I have great mornings at home with James and think about the more rushed pace that would be necessary to get out of the house early each morning.  I am SO fortunate in that I could go back part-time, and in that my husband doesn’t care either way whether I go back.  I just need to spend some serious time thinking it over!

Do you have any goals for July?

If you have kids, did you go back to work right away or stay home with them?

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  1. I just bought the Kate Somerville face sunscreen and I love it, but it definitely stings my eyes when I get sweaty or wet. So I can’t help you on that one, but I feel your pain in finding a sunscreen you like except for that little fact! And I’m totally with you – actually scheduling writing time on my calendar is sometimes the only way I will get it done.

    1. So annoying about the sunscreen! I actually went for a super long hike once with a sunscreen that wound up stinging my eyes SO badly, it was the worst. That is a really good point about scheduling, I am definitely a stickler for stuff that’s on my calendar, I think I’m going to go through and add writing to it today, thanks!

  2. I’ve read a few studies about stay-at-home parents, parents who work part time, and parents who go back to work full-time…and what those concluded (of course every mom is different but this was the case for many) was they were happiest going to work part-time because it gave them plenty of time with the children but also adult contact. I’ll be dealing with the choice soon and will most likely be a full-time SAHM despite the fact I know I’ll get stir-crazy. I work in a gym and wouldn’t be able to go back to work until the baby’s a little older..and by that time I’ll hopefully be starting my master’s program which would be and that too much to take on at once.

    It’s great you’re staying home with James and making so many great memories with him, but if you’re anxious to get back to work then maybe star part-time and see how it goes. You don’t want to miss out on the younger years with James but you also need to fulfill your own desires.

    1. That is very interesting about the studies! Thank you for your thoughtful words – I think you’re right, I think I would love being part of an adult community again, I just worry I’d be completely exhausted, but I suppose I’d get used to it! I know I’m so lucky to have a boss who will let me come back at any time, it definitely takes some of the pressure off!

    1. I am the same way and I have no idea why! It’s not like it takes a long time and I never skip it with the little guy.

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