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Good morning!

I’ve been reading blogs since college, so for over ten years (yikes…I’m getting old.)

I’ve found a few new (to me) blogs recently though that I really love, so wanted to share!  Please share your favorites in the comments, I love finding new blogs to read!

A Day in Mom Life: I really love her down to earth writing style and variety of topics.  Plus, she’s an RN, so I feel like she’s got a lot of great advice!

Fishies in a Row: I discovered this blog a couple of weeks ago and have been reading through her old posts, love it!  She writes about Montessori at home, as well as other things.

The Montessori Way I just started reading this one, but have already found so many great ideas I want to copy at home!  She posts beautiful pictures of the Montessori work she uses for her baby at home.

Hashtag Mom Fail: This is the most recent one I’ve found and she writes with such honesty and openness.  I’ve been reading through all of her old posts and really love how brave she is with what she shares.

I’ve been reading these next few for longer, but these are some great Montessori blogs I love as well:

Montessori Maniac: This is written by my good friend and mentor, Natalie, and it is great!  She is an amazing Montessori teacher and also a mother to two boys, so she offers a great dual perspective of a mom and teacher.

The Kavenaugh Report: She writes about Montessori at home and has great ideas and beautiful Montessori home spaces.

How We Montessori: She also writes about Montessori at home and shares all sorts of beautiful Montessori spaces and ideas.  She also wrote a Montessori kids cookbook that I can’t wait to buy for James in a year or so.

If this isn’t enough reading, check out these articles I’ve recently written for Motherly!

Have you found any new blogs lately? Please share or link to your own!



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  1. Hey! Thanks for linking to me! Hashtagmomfail looks great and I appreciate the Montessori related links! I’ve been reading The Happiness Project lately. I know I am way late to reading that book. I actually started reading it several years ago (before I had kids) and I stopped in the first chapter because I simply had no interest and it wasn’t speaking to me. Now I am plowing through it (am half way done in only 2 days) and it is exactly what I need. I am highlighting like mad and already applying some of her ideas. It’s funny how things can speak to you or not depending on where you are!

    1. I love the Happiness Project! I’ve read it a couple of times (though never actually managed to do my own happiness project lol). I’m reading her new book, the Four Tendencies right now and it’s good too. She has a podcast called Happier that I really like as well. That is really funny, and so true, about how things speak to us at different times.

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! I definitely want to check out some of the other blogs you linked and that podcast, Happy. Always on the lookout for inspiration. The internet sure broadens our community, its been so great for my motherhood 💕

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