Signs my baby is turning into a toddler

In addition to the obvious fact that he now toddles everywhere, I have seen so many sign that James is no longer a baby and has officially reached toddlerhood.  I used to think this would make me sad, but I can’t be sad about it when he’s so much fun these days!

Here are ten signs I’ve noticed that let me know his baby days are gone.

  1. He has a special radar for finding anything in the room that might be off limits.  This mostly includes cords, electronics, and climbing on tables.
  2. He throws little mini tantrums when something doesn’t go his way, making his body limp, and throwing his little head back with such drama.  He did this ALL week last week as he was teething and by the end of the week, he’d learned to throw himself on the floor, but carefully lower his head down so as not to bump.
  3. He looks at me with the biggest, most mischievous smile before doing something he’s not supposed to
  4. He’s fascinated by putting food in his little water glass – so gross
  5. He has started helping!  He loves choosing a diaper from his basket when he needs one, handing me my shoes if I ask, and will sometimes help pick up legos or spilled Cheerios, it’s the best 🙂
  6. He is always on the go, but gives the best hugs when if he ever slows down.  I call him my reluctant cuddle buddy.
  7. He is getting so many little bumps and bruises, mainly from going too fast or not looking where he’s going.
  8. He loves playgrounds!  This is something I really looked forward to and I’m so happy that the age of playground dates has arrives 🙂  He loves going down the slide and generally exploring and collecting rocks and sticks.
  9. He thinks any and all bodily functions are hilarious.  Unless he’s tired and they they’re terrible and make him cry….
  10. He is fascinated by small objects.  One of his favorite pastimes is collecting little rocks and sticks and trying to pick up bugs.  It is so sweet, but tricky to keep them out of his mouth!

Any advice from toddler mamas?

Any good book recommendations on toddler development?

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  1. Only advice is to enjoy that adorable little toddler! I honestly never get sad as Liam gets older. He gets challenging, in different ways, but is so much more fun in others. It just keeps getting better!! Oh, and they never stop falling. This is just the beginning. If you think he is fast now, just wait.

    1. I think that’s a great way to look at it 🙂 This is certainly a super fun age. Haha, I can’t imaging him falling more / getting faster, but I know you’re right, yikes!!

  2. Just catching up with your blog and loved this post. My boy is 16 months and does exactly the same things. I love that he likes to hold something while walking around. So in the park this will be a stone or a woodchip. I have a ridiculously sentimental collection of these objects that just seem so precious to no one but me. Tantrums most definitely, but even so, it’s the best just watching them grow.

    1. That is SO sweet! I want to start collecting some of those little things my son chooses now, what a lovely idea 🙂 I agree, this is seriously the best age, still little bits of cuddly baby traits, but SO much personality!

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